Renovation and some help

I have fantastic news, and bad news.

The fantastic news: My school is awarding me a $500 professional development grant to go to Renovation! Whee!

The bad news: $500 is… not quite enough to cover the cost if I go alone. As in not even close. A breakdown: admission is about $140, plane ticket is likely to be around $300 if I’m lucky/good, hotel cost is probably going to run $150 a night for two to three nights (so at least another $300 – $450).

What I really need is someone to go with so that I can split the hotel cost. This would bring the extra cost down to something I can actually handle (so if, say, the hotel cost could be cut to just $150, that would put me $100 over budget – still a lot, but something I can more reasonably afford). Problem: While I have a lot of convention-going friends, most of them are not sci-fi fans, and most of them are not thrilled about the idea of paying $140 and flying to Nevada.

So I am turning to you, oh internets. Do you know someone who needs a roommate for Renovation? Are you going to Renovation and you wouldn’t mind a quiet graduate student in your room? Let’s talk.


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