A very short update

Hello everyone! I am currently in the black deathgrip of a little thing I like to call the End Of Term Deathmatch. It’s me vs final projects, winner take all.

As such, updates will be nonexistant for a few days. No worries – I’m working on a few great things, the biggest of which is trying to get that Kickstarter thing up and running (getting a shiny attention grabbing graphic is my current problem – hopefully a surmountable one. I’m thinking of maybe trying to evoke Metropolis since they showed it at Nycon1). Other bits and pieces include starting to do a little freelance magazine writing on the side (exciting and scary, both.)

No worries though – I’ll be back with more stories and musings than you’ll have time to read come May. For now, I’ll leave you with the curious fact that Arthur C Clarke actually wrote a bit of self-insert fanfiction back in the day. The title is “A Short History of Fantocracy” and it was serialized in Fantast in 1942. The plot involves Clarke, Forrest J Ackerman, and their friends taking over the world with an itching ray. True story. So if you’ve ever been embarrassed about your secret fanfiction habit, well, Clarke turned out alright in the end.

Another quick note: you’ll notice I changed the theme. The neon rainbows were starting to drive me slightly bonkers, and I felt they looked unprofessional. While I’m not too fond of the dark gray color scheme, it’s nothing I can’t fix later with a little CSS tweaking, and the layout is much closer to my ultimate design. Eventually I’m going to cook up a delightful custom theme and class up the joint, but for now, well, at least you can find everything.



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