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UnConventional - The History of the American Fan Convention

Look at that gorgeous image. Just. Look at it! That’s really all you need to know. Well, okay, no it isn’t.

The long and short of it is, I’ve started A Kickstarter project to help fund my trip to Renovation SF, the 69th Worldcon.

So, if you’ve wanted to help fund my project, now you can! I appreciate any help you can give – even $1. And if I get 100 people to donate just $6.60, I’ll reach my goal. $6.60! That’s probably less than what you had for lunch.

The gorgeous rocket drawing, by the way, was made by my friend Sandpuppeteer. She’s making a webcomic called Stark City Limits, and I highly recommend checking it out. You can see some preview images on her Tumblr for the project.



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