Project: Funded! People: Awesome! Life: Beautiful!

Ladies and gents, beautiful news! My Kickstarter project for getting to Worldcon is fully funeded! WHEEEE! <- right there, guys!

As promised, I'm going to put the names (first name only, to protect privacy) of those of you who donated up here on the website. IF I MISSED ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME ASAP!

Patrick, Sharon, Elizabeth, George, Kalen, Ken, Lucinda, Liz, Emma, Katie, Lily, Schala, Kassie, Alex, Michael, Lauren, Mindy, Virescens, and finally Shirley!

You're all amazing people and wonderful friends; I cannot thank you enough for what you've done for me in helping me get to WorldCon, and for your continued support of the project as a whole. I also know a lot of people couldn't donate for whatever reason, and that's cool too – your moral support always helps, as does retweeting, reblogging, and tumbling the stuff you find on this blog. I wish that I had more to give in return than the paltry rewards of photographs and words.

That said! Three of you donated enough to get ARTICLES! WRITTEN BY ME! As one of you requested that your name not be released yet, I won't be identifying who did, but I will be emailing you soon. Theoretically the articles can be on ANY topic, though I'd prefer they be on subjects related to the 69th WorldCon, Renovation, as that will get me off my bum and WRITING. Always a good thing!

Again, thanks to EVERYONE for your love and support. Thanks to you in August I’ll be blogging live from the con! Wooo!

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