Another delay…

Yes, I know, this is getting outright silly with these delays, but I have good reasons for them. I was going to try to get a new post up today, but with the start of the semester looming and the fact that I am both a full time student AND a part-time employee of my college, I’m going to be busy busy busy. On top of that I have a new roommate moving in (yay!), the monthly avalanche of bills (boo!), some minor health issues (double boo!), a few problems getting my grant money from my school (KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN), and somewhere around fifteen of my old friends coming to visit this weekend.

You will get my Worldcon reflection and my swag list eventually, it just might not be until Sunday or Monday. I know you are all waiting with bated breath, but so it goes.

OI. KICKSTARTER REWARDS PEOPLE. Those of you who got photos still haven’t told me what you wanted. I cannot make you prints unless you tell me which prints you want. That is how these things work. I am going to start harassing you by email soon about this. BE WARNED.


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