About Me

My name is Jensen. I’m currently a graduate student at Emerson College getting a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing: Nonfiction. By day, I work as an Information Technology technician at Emerson’s IT department. By night, I attempt to hone my prose into a weapon of justice and liberty! Or… well, no, really more like a tool for making people smile.

I have quite a few interests, first and foremost of which is writing, and second is fandom and fan studies (as evidenced by this blog’s point and purpose). I also enjoy aircraft of all kinds, cutting-edge technology, Japanese and Chinese art history (particularly anything to do with literati paintings), postmodernist literature, medieval literature, places where postmodernism and medievalism collide (more often than you think!), tabletop roleplaying games, videogames that make me think, cartoons that don’t make me think, SCIENCE!, digital art and design, and really cheesy genre fiction.

If you want to chat, you can either leave a comment, or contact me at conventioneering@gmail.com or conventioneerin on Twitter.

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