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News, Philcon, and DONATE BUTTON

Hello everyone.

I’ve been quietly lately because I’ve been extremely busy. School is taking its toll on me, and I haven’t had much time to write anything that isn’t for class. I know, I still (STILL) need to do those last Kickstarter essays, but they will happen, I just need a little more free time to research them properly.

I’m getting super burned out, actually. It’s frustrating. I’m trying to find some way to keep this all fresh and immediate, but the truth is there’s only so many fanzines and memoirs I can slog through before I want to put my head through a wall. That, and it’s hard to figure out which fanzines I need to read, and even harder to get access to them (I can’t exactly fly out to California to see that collection at… I forget which school, even. I know it’s there.) And MIT’s collection is in a closet, badly organized, and only goes back through the 70s.

I really need to think about reorganizing the book. I don’t think a straight chronological treatment is working. I still need to research this way, I think, in order to build my foundation and get a sense of the full scope, but it doesn’t read well. Not sure what my structure should ultimately comprise, though. I’m debating if I should focus on cons by type, do chapters by anatomy (ie, a chapter on logistics, on hotel stuff, etc), or to focus on the really big cons and trace back the history of how they came into being. The latter means I’d end up talking less about the really cool local cons, but it’d be easier to research and I think more marketable.

I don’t know. It’s tough, man, writing a nonfiction book.

In a few weeks, I’ll be attending Philcon. I hope to see some of you regular readers there; I know it’ll be a good time. If you want to meet up and talk, just drop me a line. If there’s also anything you think I should report on in particular, let me know and I’ll do my best to see it. I will sadly not be able to be at the con for long, as my bus arrives at 1:30 PM on Friday and I leave at 4:30 PM on Sunday. Still, I think it’ll be enough.

For some time on the Help Out page, I’ve talked about adding a PayPal button so you can donate.

Well, now it exists! If you have ever for any reason wanted to send me money to help out with the project, now you can. Observe:

You may click yon button! And then send me money! This will motivate me to keep working, as I will feel I owe you!

I can’t give you anything in return right now save sparse updates and the promise that yes, hell or high water, there will be some sort of book about conventions, eventually. Seriously. But I appreciate any and all help.

I could especially use the money right now. Last month, my phone died, and I’ve had to buy tickets for SDCC and PAXEast, both of which are quite expensive. As it’s November and my day job is at a college, I’m losing out on a lot of work hours due to Thanksgiving, not to mention losing more due to Philcon. Even a little bit helps.

Thanks, everyone. Expect more meaty updates after Philcon. Alternately, if you like, ask me a question in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer it in a future post.


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DONATE BUTTON!!! No wait nevermind

Nevermind. There are technical difficulties apparently (I am bad at PayPal). AT SOME POINT IN THE NEAR FUTURE THERE WILL BE A DONATE BUTTON for realz.

*e2* Does anyone know if perhaps you aren’t allowed to post PayPal donation buttons when your blog is hosted through If so I may need to look into new hosting…

Have you ever looked at this blog and gone “Wow, what quality writing! What effervescent personality! I would like to support this author, but alas! There is nowhere to send my money!!!”

WELL YOUR PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED. I have (finally) created a PayPal account, so now you may send me money, if for some reason you like to do that kind of thing.


Posts are slow because I have started a new semester so I have all the homework. I did (seriously) have a WorldCon reflection post and a post with all my sweet loot, but it’ll have to wait until I have some actual time again. Which will be long after Renovation is relevant. Sorry folks.

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UnConventional - The History of the American Fan Convention

Look at that gorgeous image. Just. Look at it! That’s really all you need to know. Well, okay, no it isn’t.

The long and short of it is, I’ve started A Kickstarter project to help fund my trip to Renovation SF, the 69th Worldcon.

So, if you’ve wanted to help fund my project, now you can! I appreciate any help you can give – even $1. And if I get 100 people to donate just $6.60, I’ll reach my goal. $6.60! That’s probably less than what you had for lunch.

The gorgeous rocket drawing, by the way, was made by my friend Sandpuppeteer. She’s making a webcomic called Stark City Limits, and I highly recommend checking it out. You can see some preview images on her Tumblr for the project.


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Renovation and some help

I have fantastic news, and bad news.

The fantastic news: My school is awarding me a $500 professional development grant to go to Renovation! Whee!

The bad news: $500 is… not quite enough to cover the cost if I go alone. As in not even close. A breakdown: admission is about $140, plane ticket is likely to be around $300 if I’m lucky/good, hotel cost is probably going to run $150 a night for two to three nights (so at least another $300 – $450).

What I really need is someone to go with so that I can split the hotel cost. This would bring the extra cost down to something I can actually handle (so if, say, the hotel cost could be cut to just $150, that would put me $100 over budget – still a lot, but something I can more reasonably afford). Problem: While I have a lot of convention-going friends, most of them are not sci-fi fans, and most of them are not thrilled about the idea of paying $140 and flying to Nevada.

So I am turning to you, oh internets. Do you know someone who needs a roommate for Renovation? Are you going to Renovation and you wouldn’t mind a quiet graduate student in your room? Let’s talk.

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